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The AIC:

Established in 1978, the ASEAN Insurance Council is a regional platform for insurance leaders, professionals. and practitioners to network and share their knowledge as well as their expertise in various areas of the insurance business. Its main goal is the development of the insurance industry in the ASEAN region. The AIC is comprised by different insurance industry associations from the 10 member countries of ASEAN. These associations represent the life insurance and non-life insurance or general insurance sectors. Within the AIC, they are grouped in several committees such as the Education Committee, the Council of Bureaux, the ASEAN Natural Disaster Research Work Sharing (ANDREWS) and the ASEAN Reinsurance Working Group.

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Dates updated as of September 18, 2020.

7 OCT. 2020: ASEAN Insurance Education Committee (AIEC) Meeting
8 OCT. 2020: ASEAN Reinsurance Working Committee (ARWC) Meeting
15 OCT. 2020: 21st Council of Bureaux (COB) Meeting
16 OCT. 2020: 46th ASEAN INSURANCE COUNCIL (AIC) Plenary Meeting

How to Attend

The AIRM and AIC Meetings will be held online via the application ZOOM.

Participants will receive advisories on how to prepare for these meetings and their exact schedule. 


Bringing the Philippines to You

The AIRM and AIC Meetings are opportunities for insurance regulators and leaders of the insurance industry from the countries in Southeast Asia to visit their host country. 

However, since travel is not advisable at this time due to the pandemic, participants will be treated to an online experience of the Philippines. 

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


We promised  you an unforgettable experience of the Philippines, the land of sun, smiles and song,  but COVID-19 thwarted our plans.


On the occasion of our 2020 AIC and AIRM Conferences, we bring the Philippines to you instead, albeit virtually through this selection of short videos.


Enjoy! And, in better times (hopefully soon) we can welcome you back to our islands in person!

A trip to the Philippines is never complete without Music, Song and Dance.  This is a clip of one of our many contemporary singers trending around the world via You Tube. The song she sings is very apt for our times.  Ladies and Gentlemen meet Morisette!

Another virtual tour, this time via a vlog created by a visitor so entranced by the beauty of the Philippines that he is still living here on an extended vacation three years later!  Here is his top 10 places to visit!  Enjoy!

Philippine cuisine  is a melange of flavors with pan-global influences ranging from Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican and American.  It can be confusing and daunting to the initiates, but those brave enough to try it rarely ever regret it.


This clip is a vlog by a foreign couple Mike and Nelly, who were brave enough to try, not only Pinoy food but life in the Philippines.  They loved it so much that they uprooted themselves from their native Austria and now live here full time!


This is a vlog of one of their foodie adventures.  Enjoy!  Tara, kain na!

How to Attend the Meetings

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ONLINE 23rd ASEAN Insurance Regulators Meeting (AIRM)
ONLINE 46th ASEAN Insurance Council Meeting (AIC)


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For inquiries, email AIC2020PH@gmail.com

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